We began our relationship with IT Help Central just over three years ago.  Initially, I met with Robert Krupski to discuss installing a VOiP telephone system.  Almost immediately, I gained trust in Robert’s knowledgebase and skills and asked him to review our computer systems.  He further instilled trust by insisting that we approach the projects step-wise.  Over the past three years, Robert and his team have rebuilt our IT infrastructure and upgraded all of our equipment.  They have been de facto partners in all of our technology initiatives which permeate every part of our organization and operations.  I rely on Robert’s counsel and am grateful that we have him and his team on our team.

Oasis Medical

Steve Rubinstein C.F.O.

"IT Help Central has given us peace of mind! Our network was difficult to manage until we found them. Whereas we used to wait for days for barely adequate tech help, the experts at IT Help Central consistently respond within 24 hours with personalized, courteous, cheerful service. IT Help Central has made all the difference for our organization – and have made me look like a pro!"

Liz Stuart Westchester County Department of Correction

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your team of professionals for helping us with all our systems needs. You have proven to us over the last 17 years that you are dependable, reliable and able to solve any problems that might arise. It only takes one phone call to have one of you at our office within a reasonable time frame. Thanks again for a wonderful relationship."

Jay Prince Owner, Hal Prince Music

"IT Help Central has been my savior for over 15 years. I find them to be extremely knowledgeable and dependable. They have helped me thru many crisis over the years. I don’t know what I would do without them, they are the best."

Terrie Barone Manager, North Ridge Medical Center

"We were introduced to IT Help Central, Inc. over 20 years ago when we implemented a new Accounting System for our offices. He took our company who underutilized their computer potential to a company that is now using cutting edge technology and systems to help grow our business. We now have a totally integrated system that combines all aspects of our business including Accounting, Sales and Marketing. Over these past 20 years the reliability of the network that they designed and supported is evidenced by the lack of down time we have because of either software or hardware issues. Any issues that might arise have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by their friendly and knowledgeable staff. We would recommend IT Help Central to anyone who is looking for a network consultant who cares as much about your business as you do."

Leigh Bickham Vice-President, Indexing Technologies

"IT Help Central provides the information and broad knowledge that one would expect from a large consulting firm with the personal service that is the strength of a small business. We are pleased to have worked with IT Help Central for over five years and look forward to continuing the collaboration."

Erica Stoller Owner, Esto Photographics

"Ever since we become a client of IT Help Central, our network performance has been dramatically improved. Our network is very stable and Rob and his crew are always responsive to our needs and questions. I would recommend IT Help Central to any business owner looking to build a quality network to operate or looking to insure that the network which supports the business operates efficiently."

Eric Kahan Partner, Sperber Denenberg and Kahan, LLC.

"It is rare in this business to find a consistently outstanding vendor who routinely bends over backward to give more service than we contracted for, with more friendliness than we have a right to expect, plus the persistence and ingenuity to overcome the small, nagging little problems others would ignore. Please give particular thanks to your staff for their tireless service on our account. We are looking forward to many more years of service with your organization."

Jefri Gootkin President, Millennium Legal and Financial Search

"It Help Central, from this firm’s initial contact 18 years ago, established a warm, courteous and professional foundation on which was built knowledgeable, competent and consistently open communication. Accesibility, response and results are primary requirements necessary to the success of our business. IT HELP CENTRAL possesses these attributes which, together with their professionalism, created a comfortable working environment for us knowing that our system was in the hands of a company that built its reputation on reliability."

Bob Lake Manager, Subin Associates, LLC.

"IT Help Central has helped us grow from a small company that started out on the kitchen table with 1 computer to an “office on the go” with 12 people – 20 computers – offices in 2 states and people “on the road”. IT Help Central evaluates our requirements and consistently provides solutions for our network communication needs, especially for employees who travel frequently. Responses to technical questions and problems are attended to immediately with the utmost professionalism. IT Help Central has unfailingly provided us with dependable high tech solutions for all our needs."

Phillis Leftin Owner/Manager, Walsh Associates

"We have worked with IT Help Central for many years and have found them to be responsive, professional and skillful at adapting to our ever changing technology needs. We are a growing organization for which technology plays a vital role so it is a great relief knowing that we can count on IT Help Central to help us designs systems that are most appropriate for our particular business and ensure that they are up to date and problem free."

Rick Hobish Executive Director, Pro Bono Partnership, LLC.

"Saw Mill Capital has utilized the services of IT Help Central as our IT consulting firm for over 15 years. Although we are a small firm, with only 20 employees, we are very demanding of our IT systems. We are, in essence, always on call and periodically work late nights and weekends. Much of our work is time sensitive and has a hard deadline. As a result, we have a very low tolerance for email or system downtime. Of course, we have had system issues occasionally like any firm, but IT Help Central has always been extremely responsive and effective at resolving the problem quickly. In order to accommodate our work week schedules, they have often performed significant system upgrades or modifications on the weekends. These guys also helped us develop a robust system without “breaking the bank.” We have valued the quality of IT Help Central’s work, consistent availability day or night, and their scheduling flexibility. They have been an asset to our firm. I recommend IT Help Central, Inc. as an IT consulting firm without reservation."

John Shaia Partner, Saw Mill Capital, LLC.

"IT Help Central has been an absolute asset to our company! After our previous IT Company had driven us to a practically non-functioning business on a regular basis, Rob and his team were able to quickly take the project at hand and apply various layers to our most needed complete upgrade, while still remaining a successfully functioning business throughout the whole process. Therefore streamlining our costs, but applying necessary software, hardware and useful assistance to enable us to function at our best. IT Help Central can be contacted anytime via phone or email, and a prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and user friendly response is always given and appreciated at our company. I hope that our business remains a customer for many years to come."

Nicky Smith Business Manager, Bilhuber & Associates

"IT Help Central, Inc. has been servicing Schmersal USA and Schmersal CANADA for many years now. They have kept both our U.S. and Canadian companies up and running for many years without any real down time except for a few hours of normal maintenance. You guys are always there to answer any questions we might have."

Mario Tucci Controller, Schmersal USA

"I found IT Help Central in the Yellow pages when I first started my business out of my basement. Rob Krupski and his team helped us grow from a financial services firm with no money under management, 2 staff members to the point when I sold the business to a German based asset manager three years after we started. At the time of the sale, we had over 40 employees and 1.8 Billion dollars. IT Help Central was there all the way keeping us up and running and growing. The technical assistance really made a difference."

Douglas Brennan Executive Vice Chairman, Thomas LLoyd

"I was not used to such prompt attention, turnaround service and support. Rob and his team came into my company on the verge of a system crash…I was totally unaware of how exposed and neglected our systems were until that point. I had gotten used to the ineffective quick patches and rigging that my prior IT company specialized in. In short order Rob and his team came in with an honest, straightforward remediation plan and gained my trust immediately. Rob presented tailored options specific to my organization’s needs guiding me in laymen terms to make sure I understood everything. He has been patient with us to assure customized functionality down to the finest detail. I no longer hear “no that can’t be done” but rather “tell me what you need”! It is a breath of fresh air. I have grown accustomed to the reliability and dependability of IT Help Central."

Debra Pohl President, Alternative Resources Company

"I was referred to Rob Krupski approximately 19 years ago. Prior to IT Help Central’s management of our computers we were serviced by one company that was economical until problems showed up. That company was taken over by a larger firm which I didn’t feel comfortable with. Since Rob and his team set up our network we have found everything to be very reliable. In addition they are always responsive to our needs. When applicable, his remote access and maintenance is appreciated due to non-interference with the work day. Thanks to IT Help Central, computer related problems have been minimal and have been manageable."

Richard Stiles Stiles Enterprises

"It is a pleasure having IT Help Central servicing all our technical needs. They have made our transitions an enjoyable experience. They have also incorporated cutting edge ideas which have enhanced the effectiveness and security on the way we conduct our business on the web. Most of all we are thoroughly impressed with how quickly they respond to our needs."

Dee Campos Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"We have our own IT department, but we felt that we needed a company to assist us with installations and other areas that we don’t necessarily have background or experience in. We chose IT Help Central because they work with other larger international firms and are familiar with the types of programs we use in our business. They have been a big help to us by troubleshooting and working on server-related issues that we don’t have the time or expertise to do, and have found the staff to be very friendly and easy to work with."

Simone Gentilini Mionetto USA

"HK Laundry Equipment is a sales organization that utilities technology solutions to increase our productivity and allow us to do our business of selling commercial laundry equipment.
HK has been using IT Help Central since 1999 when they installed our first Windows server. Rob Krupski and IT Help Central were instrumental in allowing HK to have several remote salesman be able to work independently but also give management control where all of their sales quotes resided in-house. Rob throughout the years has counselled and suggested various upgrades, back-up solutions and security firewalls to help improve and maintain our IT system. Rob’s primary objective is to provide the best technological solution to your problems while maintaining the integrity of your data and your workflow processes. Rob and his team are very responsive and work around their customers workflow so that they minimize the downtime and disruption. HK recently had to upgrade server and IT Help Central came in after hours on a Friday night and performed the extensive switchover with little disruption of the work flow operations of our company. I would highly recommend IT help Central to any of my customers, friends & clients who require an attentive, personalized IT services."

Karl Hinrichs HK Laundry Equipment

"IT Help Central has been our IT consultant for approximately 10 years. Our business relies heavily on document storage, emails and remote access due to the locations of our employees and regional offices. ITHC provides reasonable yet reliable solutions for all of our IT needs as we’ve grown and as technology has evolved. The ITHC team is reachable at all hours of the day or night in the event of unexpected problems; based on our employee and client locations, this is extremely important to support our business.
We’ve relocated our offices several times and ITHC has been able to support this process each time, providing seamless transition of workflow. They’ve coordinated with general contractors and design professionals to ensure proper planning and a smooth transition."

Sam Sloane BocaGroup

"Fresh & Tasty distributes over 1,500 different items on a daily basis and relies on computers just as much as physical manpower, IT Help Central has never let Fresh & Tasty down. In the past 18 years Rob and his team has built a business relationship with our company that is 2nd to none. Helping up grow from one server to now 5 servers was no easy task for Fresh & Tasty, but they were there to help us all the way. They bring honesty and professionalism to every job they encounter and have kept us moving forward in a industry that changes almost as fast as technology. No matter what project comes up they give us options with the Pros and Cons and always keep our goals in mind."

Silvio Ruvolo Fresh and Tasty Baked Products