Debra Pohl

“I was not used to such prompt attention, turnaround service and support. Rob and his team came into my company on the verge of a system crash…I was totally unaware of how exposed and neglected our systems were until that point. I had gotten used to the ineffective quick patches and rigging that my prior IT company specialized in. In short order Rob and his team came in with an honest, straightforward remediation plan and gained my trust immediately. Rob presented tailored options specific to my organization’s needs guiding me in laymen terms to make sure I understood everything. He has been patient with us to assure customized functionality down to the finest detail. I no longer hear “no that can’t be done” but rather “tell me what you need”! It is a breath of fresh air. I have grown accustomed to the reliability and dependability of IT Help Central.”

Debra Pohl President, Alternative Resources Company