Cloud Computing

The Best Services in Cloud Computing in Westchester County, NY

    • “We were introduced to IT Help Central, Inc. over 11 years ago when we implemented a new Accounting System for our offices. He took our company who underutilized their computer potential to a company that is now using cutting edge technology and systems to help grow our business. We now have a totally integrated system that combines all aspects of our business including Accounting, Sales and Marketing. Over these past 6 years the reliability of the network that they designed and supported is evidenced by the lack of down time we have because of either software or hardware issues. Any issues that might arise have been dealt with quickly and efficiently by their friendly and knowledgeable staff. We would recommend IT Help Central to anyone who is looking for a network consultant who cares as much about your business as you do.”
      – Leigh Bickham, Vice-President, Indexing Technologies


It’s clear that we are all moving to the cloud, just at different speeds. Some analysts have 50% of small businesses in the cloud by 2020! Other analysts have different numbers, but nonetheless the direction is clear. The real question now is how to get there in one piece.

At IT Help Central, we offer services for cloud computing in Westchester County, NY to help small and mid-sized businesses make the jump into modern technology. Our IT consultant in White Plains, NY is ready to help your company make the transition in the easiest way possible. A startup marketing company that is Mac-centric will take a very different path into cloud computing in Bergen County, NJ than an established law or medical practice on the Microsoft platform. That’s why at IT Help Central, we’ll work with you to ensure all of your data is transferred to the cloud correctly.

Though cloud computing in Bergen County, NJ may still seem unnecessary to some, the cloud does offer benefits like:

  • Access to technology and applications at a significantly reduced cost (in some cases)
  • Improved mobility
  • Flexible scalability
  • No more server costs that occur every 4-5 years in a traditional environment

Let our experienced IT consultant in White Plains, NY walk you through the options, benefits, and risks of the cloud. We will then help you to build a transition plan to cloud computing in Westchester County, NY that is manageable and safe.

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