3 Types of Computer Networking

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In the world of computers there is a distinctive area that is used to define the most common kinds of networks. Small, medium, and large computer groups connect by wires, wireless links, or optical fibers.

In all cases, a wireless internet service provider (WISP) sends signals from the internet service provider (ISP) through a cable or a signal that comes from a tower. The 3 most standard computer networks are

Local Area Network (LAN) – Typically comprised of a small area such as a school, office, or business establishment in which a group of computers shares lines of communications or wireless links to a server. These networks are increasingly becoming known as wi-fi’s to provide easier access for travelers in airports, hotels, and restaurants.

Wide Area Network (WAN) – These large networks cover computers in cities, states, or even countries. They are made up of systems that enable smaller networks from diverse locations to communicate together. Their connectivity may be supplied by underground or undersea network cables.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) – The size of a MAN network is between a LAN and a WAN. It is defined by a region that encompasses a city or a small county.

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